Survey Junkie

Our Rating (4.3/5)

Time it takes to earn (4/5)

Cashout minimum (3/5)

Payout speed (5/5)

Payout choices (4/5)

How engaging/fun the site is (5/5)

Customer Support (5/5)

Time it takes to earn: I have found that it can take a while to really earn money on this site, especially when compared to several other sites. This is due in large part to the cashout minimum of 1,000 points. This can be dealt with by aiming for surveys with higher point values, so you can run up your score more quickly. Each survey has a point value as well as estimated time of completion, with most around 30 or 50 points (on a scale where 100 points = $1.00). You know going in how much you will earn if you are chosen for the survey. The process is quick, so you will know immediately if you are chosen. If you are not chosen, you will still receive 3 points for answering the preliminary questions. However, the ones that have the highest payout per time are often the hardest to get chosen for. In addition, you can earn points by answering questions, filling out profile questionnaires, and referring friends.

Cashout minimum: The minimum cashout is 1,000 points, which is $10.00. So, you will often have to do a large number of surveys before you reach the payout threshold.

Payout speed: I found the first payout to take some time, but after that, the future payouts were quicker, in the range of 48 to 72 hours for the funds to hit my bank account. This is not very different from my experiences with other direct ACH bank transfers.

Payout choices: The site offers users three choices: (1) cash using PayPal; (2) e-Giftcards; and (3) direct bank transfers. The last two are only available to users in the USA. I have always chosen the direct bank transfers.

How engaging/fun the site is: The site has a very attractive design, with the available surveys appearing as boxes with the point value and estimated time shown. You can easily get addicted to doing the surveys, so the site's name is very appropriate. Also, it is user-friendly, so there is not too much time wasted on non-paying tutorials. The time estimates for each survey are fairly accurate, although you can do them in less time if you are pretty efficient, especially since many of the questions tend to be repetitive.

Customer Support: I had to deal with customer support the first time I applied for a cashout. This was to verify my identity. They were very helpful and courteous on the phone call. After that, things went smoothly with cashouts. Also, the site has a FAQs section covering all the important areas that is easy to understand.

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