Ipsos I-Say

Our Rating (3.5/5)

Time it takes to earn (3/5)

Cashout minimum (5/5)

Payout speed (3/5)

Payout choices (2/5)

How engaging/fun the site is (4/5)

Customer Support (4/5)

Ipsos i-Say gives you chance to have your say on a number of different topics. However, there are no points for answering the numerous Polls that clutter up the page, making earning points on Surveys more difficult.

Time it takes to earn: Ipsos i-Say is about average in time it takes to earn points on its site. You will be accepted to undertake the first few surveys when you join the site, but then it becomes more difficult as you get weeded out by preliminary questions. Nevertheless, there are usually four or five open surveys at any time, ranging from 45 to 90 points, and five to thirty minutes in duration. The time estimates tend to be fairly accurate. However, unlike most other sites, Ipsos i-Say usually does not award points if you are rejected for a survey you applied to take. On the plus side, there is a poll predictor at the end of the survey which can give you chances for a sweepstakes awarding prizes and points. I have never won the sweepstakes, but it is another chance to earn. Ipsos i-Say also has a Loyalty Program where you can earn bonus points for completing a number of surveys. However, the program is run on a calendar year basis, so you need to start a new Loyalty Program on January 1, with the prior completed survey numbers not carrying over to the next year.

Cashout minimum: The cashout minimum is fairly low, just 500 points, which can be redeemed for $5 gift cards. However, if you would prefer cash, the minimum is $15 PayPal cash, which costs 1,530 points.

Payout speed: The payout speed is about average for survey sites. In my personal experience, it takes about one week to receive a prize after redemption on Ipsos i-Say. However, the PayPal cash takes longer, and the site's FAQ says it can be as long as three to four weeks.

Payout choices: I rated this very low because it is the only site I've dealt with that charges a premium for cash. Most sites are on a 100-point for $1.00 basis. While this applies to the extensive choices of gift cards and prepaid Visa cards on Ipsos i-Say, this is not the case if you want your reward in cash. The only option is to have the funds transferred to your PayPal account, and there is a premium for choosing this option. For example, $15.00 will cost 1,530 points, not 1,500. This is a sliding scale, with $20.00 costing an additional 40 points, $25.00 costing an additional 50 points, and $50.00 costing an additional 100 points. I would have given Ipsos i-Say a better score if this were not the case. Otherwise, the gift cards and merchandise are on the 100 point to $1.00 basis.

How engaging/fun the site is: The site itself is interesting, but takes a little getting used to at first. I found that it was not as user-friendly as many of the other ones. Also, many of the surveys get buried in all the non-paying polls that appear on your page.

Customer Support: I have not had to deal with customer support at Ipsos i-Say. That is because I was able to figure out most of the information from using the site. The site has a FAQ page that answers most questions, but can be a little confusing at first.

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